Weekly Rides

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Saturday Morning Rides — Murrieta, CA

Our Saturday morning group typically meets at Stage 2 Cyclery, 41539 Kalmia Street #121, Murrieta, CA 92562. Corner of Jefferson Avenue and Kalmia Street.

Click HERE for our current Saturday ride schedule.


Wednesday Evening Crit Practice

Postponed Until Further Notice

Approximately 20-30 riders meet weekly. Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm (Winter) 6:00pm (Spring/Summer/Fall), at the intersection of Diaz Road and Remington in Temecula, CA, for a 1 hour criterium practice. The course consists of four corners, approximately 1.5 miles per lap. The course climbs on one side, and descends on the other.

Safety Guidelines

  • After about a 15 minute warmup, the race is on for 45 minutes.
  • When it’s dark (during winter months), all riders must come prepared with a white headlight and red tail light. It’s the law, and much safer too!
  • If you arrive late, or choose to sit out for a couple of laps to catch your breath, do NOT rejoin the pack from the front. Let the entire pack go by, and chase back on from the rear. This is the same way you would rejoin a race if you had flatted and gotten a free lap. It’s much safer and respectful to those that never stopped.

Weekly Rides — Murrieta, CA

Weekday morning rides start at Stage 2 Cyclery, located at 41539 Kalmia Street, #121, Murrieta Ca 92567, led by shop manager and mechanic Rigo Meza.  The routes varies every week and the speed is at a B-pace.  Check the shop’s facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Stage-2-Cyclery-197214527097145/?fref=ts for more information.


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