Every Saturday at 7:00 am there is an A and B group ride from:

Stage 2 Cyclery 41539 Kalmia Street #121 Murrieta, California 92562 (951) 304-1212 Corner of Jefferson and Kalmia

A Group Pace – Domenigoni Drag Strip The Domenigoni ride will be the same route every week, no stopping on the way out to State Street.  However, the group will stop for flats on the way back. Just make sure to yell “FLAT” loud to be heard. REMEMBER, THIS IS NOT A RACE, just a fast training ride and all traffic laws and signs must be obeyed for your safety. So if you are looking for a good work out, this is the ride for you.

B Group Pace: Please review the links for the rides to ensure you know the correct route if you are planning to meet the group along the way. There will be designated regroups along the way. If you decide to turn early, please make sure to let somebody know as a courtesy to the ride leader. This way, the ride leader will not have to wait or look for you, or have the group wait unnecessarily. WE STOP AND WAIT FOR FLATS unless it is a major mechanical problem. Please ensure to have the required tools, tubes, pumps, etc. However, if somebody gave you a missing tool or tube to use, please consider it a loan and replace what you borrowed. Stage 2 will have what you need. Now let’s ride!


5 Ranger Rd

12 Wineries

19 Lake Elsinore via Lemon

26 Goetz via Holland


2 Winchester

9 Tom’s Fams

16 McCall – Domenigoni

23 Lake Elsinore via Lemon

30 Wineries