Racing/Century Reimbursement Policy

Funding for reimbursement is dependent upon club funds and individual agreements between riders and the team’s Board of Directors. Any other anticipated race expenses such as out of area travel shall be pre-negotiated with the team’s Board of Directors.

Qualification for Race Reimbursements:

The following requirements apply:

1. Work the club race-no exceptions. Note: Qualification lasts one year (one racing season).
2. Wear the current year’s jersey and shorts when racing.
3. Wear the current year’s jersey when accepting awards.
4. Have S2C Cycling/Primal or the appropriate team name listed as your team on your racing license.


Total dollar amounts available for reimbursement are dependent on the financial success of the race and the club as a whole. The reimbursement policy may be modified by the Board of Directors. Modifications will be posted on the team’s website/Forum. Recreational members are not eligible for the racing reimbursement program, and instead, like the rest of the membership, benefit from all the same equipment sponsorship benefits provided to the team members.

All reimbursements shall be turned in on a monthly basis, and no later than the 5th day following each month.  Failure to do so and or submitting them at the end of the season may limit your reimbursement to 50% of your eligible amount.

Reimbursement Periods:

For Road Cycling Events:  January 1 thru Sept 1.  For Triathlon and Century Events:  March 1 thru Oct 31.





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