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The following message is from our sport drink sponsor APX. As some of you know, APX donates all of its profits to charity, and this is another effort on their part to continue in their mission of helping others. Please take a few minutes of your time and read Jeff’s message below. Pass this on to other friends and teams, especially those who are into mountain biking. This will be a perfecgt event to showcase our new kits!

You may already be aware of our Purpose Pedal Challenge event we’re putting on to raise money for four of the organizations we support. Even if you are aware of it already, please keep reading . . .

We need your help. We want to raise at least $10,000 at this event. To do that, we need 100+ people to participate. The event is on 2/21/16 and we’re a little concerned about hitting our numbers.

We’re asking every group that has a relationship with APX to each form a team (really doesn’t have to be more than 2 per team, but it would be great if you could get 4 or 5 on your team – or more!). We’d really like to see a “friendly competition” get started to see which team can raise the most funds. For the team who raises the most amount of money, we are going to give every person on that team ONE bag of APX Chocolate Recovery AND ONE bag of their favorite flavor of “original” APX (Pomegranate, Tangerine or Ruby Red Grapefruit). That’s worth almost $50 each!

We’ve made it pretty easy to create a team. Here’s the link: https://fundraising.active.com/event/apxsportdrink.com

Please note that each person on the team has to start with at least $100 because that’s the amount of the entry fee for the event. But keep in mind that $35 pays for your membership to SDMBA (or your renewal if you’re already a member) AND we’re going to have lots of raffle prizes to give away AND you get a free lunch at the event!

To help entice you to start a team, we’re going to offer a special “team raffle.” The raffle prize, which is in addition to all the other prizes already mentioned above, will be a $100 gift card to Pizza Port for your team. Every person on the team will be given 5 raffle tickets, BUT, the first team of 4 or more people will get 10 extra tickets EACH!! So, the sooner you start your team, and the more people who end up on your team, the better!

Thank you,

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