Ah, the awesome almond!


Ah, the awesome almond! When eaten raw, this little powerhouse has a lot of nutrients to give! Even roasted this delicious snack has a lot to offer your cycling engine (your body) in the way of protein (6g), Fiber (3g), “Good” Fat (15g) and minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper and manganese.

(from WHFoods) – Lower LDL-Cholesterol and Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease – A high-fat food that’s good for your health? That’s not an oxymoron, its almonds. Almonds are high in monounsaturated fats, the same type of health-promoting fats as are found in olive oil, which have been associated with reduced risk of heart disease. Five large human epidemiological studies, including the Nurses Health Study, the Iowa Health Study, the Adventist Health Study and the Physicians Health Study, all found that nut consumption is linked to a lower risk for heart disease. Researchers who studied data from the Nurses Health Study estimated that substituting nuts for an equivalent amount of carbohydrate in an average diet resulted in a 30% reduction in heart disease risk. Researchers calculated even more impressive risk reduction-45%-when fat from nuts was substituted for saturated fats (found primarily found in meat and dairy products).

RECIPE IDEA: Use almonds in your homemade trail snack alongside other potent beneficial treats like shredded coconut (medium-chain fatty acids for sustained energy during workouts), raisins (natural sugar provides an energy boost and bonus, also a prostate-protector!), cashews (we’ll feature those in a later post) and ¬†chunks of no-sugar-added dried fruit of your choice for more energy (calories)!


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